Annotated Bibliography

  1. Garofoli, J., & Said, C. (2014, December 1). A changing Mission – The Story. Retrieved July 14, 2015, from

This source provides information about a project done by reporters and photographers, who spent 8 months getting to know residence and business owners near 24th Street between Shotwell and Folsom, to document the change people are experiencing in the Mission district. They also provide a video that shows the interaction between the people behind the project and residence of the Mission. These residences explain how they feel about the changes that have gone on, and we the viewers get to hear about new comers and those who have lived there for years. You also get a little bit of history on what the Mission used to be and what it is now. The presentation of this project is very neutral; they present both perspectives and simply facts about the changes going on in the community. By showing me both perspectives I was able to use this throughout my entire research. I was able to determine that they are too suffering from high prices and are not trying to cause negativity or problems. This is a strong source to use for quotations when dealing with perspective.

  1. Poblet, M. (n.d.). Gentrification and The Battle for the Heart of San Francisco | Maria Poblet. Retrieved July 3, 2015, from

This blog by Maria Poblet on the website of an organization called Causa Justa, Just Cause, gives answers to who the Mission district is up against and who will help the Mission district natives. She goes into talking about the affordability crisis going on and the affect it is having on natives who have lived in the community for years. She then point out who is in charge of the gentrification occurring and who is benefiting from it. She points fingers towards the techies from high known corporations. Her topic to conclude states that the government needs to step up and do a better job of holing corporations accountable and to not be fooled by money. Although this article is more biased towards defending the Mission district, it provides some insightful opinions information from someone on the inside of the Mission. This article ended up making me realize that my focus was wrong and it is the government we should focus on for change.

  1. Despot, P. (2014, February 26). Gentrification, Google Buses, and The Mission. Retrieved July 14, 2015, from

This article is a blog post by a blogger who goes by Petticoat Despot whom received a lot of praise. She argues about gentrification and the changes going on in the Mission district but from the perspective as a techie. She goes through various points, makes her arguments, and gives good reliable evidence to support. The purpose of this article is to help those who are fighting techies and corporations to realize that they don’t have as much power as people are making it seem, and that only people who are anti-gentrification are being heard and not the people that are being accused. I used this source, for it persuaded me and shifted my viewpoint on certain topics I thought I had all figured out on gentrification in the Mission district. For the first time I saw an opposing perspective and I realized that people were making invalid arguments and protests and that it isn’t the techies and hipsters its real estate and the government. I refer to this article various times for it provides detail and background on how the assumptions that are being made about tech workers being at fault for gentrification are wrong. This is a strong post that really made me reevaluate my thinking throughout my entire research project.

  1. Staley, W. (2013, Nov 17). ‘TECH WORKERS ARE NOT ROBOTS’.New York Times Magazine, , 12. Retrieved from

This was the first article that introduced the perspective and ideas that Governor Lee had on displacement and renovation. He states that although there is a lot of eviction and people being forced out of their communities due to high prices, that in the long run there will be new affordable homes for those that were displaced. He plans on providing new living situations by taxing new corporations that are entering San Francisco. This was the first time I realized that the government had a lot of power and say on what happens in communities. I began to focus my research on finding concrete evidence that it was Rent Control and the Government, and also based the majority of my blog shifting the blame on them.

  1. Metcalf, G., Karlinsky, S., & Warburg, J. (2014, February 11). How to Make San Francisco Affordable Again. Retrieved August 4, 2015. Retrieved from

This article provides insights on what affects the economy and rising prices. It is also the first article that provides concrete solutions on how to deal with gentrification and rent controllers. I used this as part of my research to make sure it was valid. I also used this to provide my readers with some information that they can actually take action to. This relates to my blogs towards the end because after mentioning the shifts and changes I end with solutions and enforcement on what needs to be done before all minorities are swept away.


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